How I Created a Six-Figure Income with a
Laptop and a Shoestring Budget

Let’s face it, for a lot of people working 9-5, 5 days a week is a lousy and unfulfilling life plan. You get up early every day to go to a job long on hours, short on fulfillment and even shorter on pay, just to watch the bills pile up in never ending heaps week after week, month after month. Many people grind their forehead against their cubicle wall each morning and think to themselves…

“There’s got to be a better way!”

Well, I found something so amazing and cool that every time somebody learns just what I do and how I make a living they are literally stunned. They can’t stop asking questions, and in many cases can’t believe it. It really does seem too good to be true. But it is true.

Check out this screen shot directly from Google analytics
of one of my websites:

HCG EZ Drops Analytics

As you can see, this site did $84,301.50 in sales last month. And that’s not
extraordinary, it’s an average month. The gross profit on that website is 83%,
leaving me a really sweet income.

And the amazing part is that the principles and techniques I learned and am about to teach you,
will work on ANY website, in ANY niche, for ANYBODY.

Now, I’ve seen all kinds of cheesy sales pitches for books, systems, and services that include stories like:

“I was a bum living out of a van, then I discovered this secret that made me rich!” or…

“I struggled for years in internet marketing before I found this secret software that made me tons of cash with no effort at all!”

…and so on. I’m not going to insult your intelligence with any of that stuff. The fact is, I didn’t discover any secrets, tricks, or software that made me money. Although I do use tricks, secrets and software, and share all that in the book. But that’s not what did it for me. It started with a simple philosophy. When it comes to making a living:

“Income producing assets are vastly superior to
trading time for dollars.”

You see, in your life you will always be building your dream or somebody else’s. If you work for somebody else, for example, you are helping them build their asset. And that’s fine, if you are happy with it. But if you do what they did, and build your own business, you can build an income producing asset that makes you money 24/7, whether you are working or not.

In my opinion, the rules of wealth haven’t really changed in the last 150 years or so. Those that create wealth are those who build a successful business. And the internet allows anybody, anywhere, who has a laptop and a connection, to build an amazing business without an office, employees, or huge start up capital. That’s what it used to take, but not anymore. Any enterprising person who is ready and willing to change their financial future can do it.

It’s not about short term tricks and gimmicks.
Blackbox Marketing teaches you how to build a solid,
long term income producing internet business.

So what is Blackbox Marketing?

Alchemy: The medieval quest for turning base metals into Gold.

What a great concept. Can’t you just picture these misguided but hard working “scientists” bending over their bubbling vats, dumping lead, copper, and who knows what else into their concoctions, hoping and praying to create gold?

Unfortunately, their science was completely wrong, and we now know that Gold is an element, and can’t be created.

The Blackbox principle is different, but has similarities to the concept of Alchemy. It’s based on inputs and outputs, like so:

But the difference is, you can put in an input, and without understanding how it works or what was done inside the Blackbox, you get an output greater than your input!

Internet marketing can be that way. For example, sales reps used to go out there prospecting, in the hopes to give a presentation to a single person. But the internet allows that same rep to create a video of their sales pitch, put it online, and get dozens, hundreds, even thousands of views, from an activity they did one time!

Blackbox Marketing is all about creating your own “Black Box,” or system, that you can put input in one side, and get a much greater return on the other side.

When you read the Blackbox Marketing book you will learn the exact principles and methods that I used to create my dream lifestyle. And although it can work very quickly, it’s based on sound business principles, no gimmicks, tricks, or short cuts.

Let me share another “business philosophy” that is core to the Blackbox Marketing way of thinking:

By the way, my name is Dave Sherwin, and I started dabbling in online marketing in 2003. And while I never lost the vision that online marketing was my ticket to financial freedom, I had MANY problems and headaches along the way.

And while I failed many times and in many things, I always tried to be a systems thinker. I documented how I did things. I used mind maps and instructions to explain things to virtual assistants and contractors. Over time, many of those systems have been either improved, altered, or eliminated. Eventually though, I arrived at a system that worked for me and I now have a long term, sustainable, income producing business. Money flows into my bank account every single day, regardless of whether I work or not.

Blackbox Marketing is a working blueprint of all the systems that now make me a dream income.

I pass it on to you now, with none of my unsuccessful experiments, and all of my best working stuff, in an easy to read guide that teaches you:

  • How to build a website and monetize it.
  • How to use the best free tools and services available online.
  • The marketing techniques and tactics that work long term.
  • All the ways I make money online including SEO, affiliate marketing, social marketing and various other tested advertising methods.
  • Shows you how to create a six-figure income, even in your spare time.
  • Gives you pro tips, tricks, and shortcuts that are designed to cut years off your learning curve.

“In the last 10 years I have worked with many top marketers, including Anik Singal, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and atleast 300+ top marketers, and Dave Sherwin is as good as any. He doesn’t just make money on “Product launches,” and I personally know that his sites bring in thousands of dollars every day ( and I know a lot of guru’s who could never achieve this rare feat ). In my opinion, he is one of the best marketers online today.”
- Venkata Ramana, Hyderabad, India

Once I figured this stuff out, it was like the clouds went away, the sun came out, and life was amazing. People started paying me big bucks just for my time. I had some companies and individuals paying me $2,500 a month, just to spend 30 minutes a week chatting with them. And I enjoyed it! It was as fun applying these principles to other peoples businesses as it was doing it for myself.

And the whole time I kept thinking I ought to write a book. And my clients kept asking for better written instructions. But how do you take something worth $2,500 a month, put it all in a book, and charge appropriately for it? To me, and them, it was worth thousands of dollars.

“When Dave Sherwin speaks, I feel like I’m learning from the Guru at the mountain top. Its like solid gold.”

- John Pilmer, Pilmer PR

The book really is worth thousands per copy. But obviously, that’s a tough sell. So for the longest time I decided I would sell if for just $197, so it was affordable.

But recently I have been doing guest lecturing at local Universities, and had poor students flocking around me at the end of classes, asking questions and begging more info, and several of these are really serious about creating a lifestyle like I have. They have ambition, great ideas, but no money. So for them, and anybody else who has very little money but a lot of heart and ambition, I have decided to sell the book for the measly sum of $17.

“I had a website that did around $8,000 a month already. But when I applied Dave’s marketing magic to it, it rose to $55,336 a month within 6 months!”

– Dan Fellars

And by the way, if you are disappointed for ANY REASON, at ANY TIME, I will refund 100% of your money. I’m confident that as soon as you open this thing up and see how much info is there, including:

  • Mind Maps
  • Chapters on Every Marketing Method
  • Visuals

You will realize you really do have thousands of dollars of value for the 17 bucks.

We are only offering this offer at $17 for a limited time.

Click here to get your hands on this life changing book right now!

If you want to create income producing assets, the fastest, least expensive, and easiest way I know of is internet marketing. And this book teaches you how. There’s nothing else like it available anywhere.

Wishing you massive success!

Dave Sherwin

P.S. Don’t forget that this is a limited time offer of $17 and that the sooner you get started, the sooner you will start to see the cash flow roll in!

P.P.S. Remember that this offer has an unconditional, unrestricted money back guarantee. If you are ever unhappy for any reason, I will refund all your money. I’m that confident you’ll be impressed.

P.P.P.S. Because of the evolving nature of the internet, I am always experimenting with new methods of income production. Because of this, I will send you updates and the latest and greatest through my free newsletter.

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