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E-Mail Marketing Still Powerful, But Better Be Mobile Friendly!

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Well, after all these years of “Is E-Mail Marketing Dead?” talk, good old-fashioned e-mail just continues to be one of the most powerful methods of communication. And take it from me, an e-mail blast to my 8,400 e-mail subscribers is WAY more powerful than a few tweets to my 45,000 twitter followers.

But did you know that 20% of people now check their e-mail on their mobile device? So all that fancy schmancy html had better be mobile-friendly, or you’re wasting your time. According to

“One out of every five marketing e-mails a retailer sends is opened on a mobile device, shows a new study of millions of e-mail messages from direct digital marketing firm Knotice. Users of the iPhone represented the most avid mobile e-mail readers. And mobile readers typically view their messages early in the morning or late at night, the study finds.

Knotice examined a sampling of 155.3 million e-mails sent across 12 industry segments in Q4 2010. It breaks out e-mail activity by industry and by mobile device. Of the 12 industries measured, retail had the highest percentage of mobile e-mail readers.

Numerous devices, featuring six mobile operating systems, contributed to the 20.08% of retail e-mail opened on the go. 11.99% of e-mail was opened on an iPhone. Then there‚Äôs a significant drop. 3.73% was opened on an iPad, 3.73% on a device using the Android operating system, 0.28% on a device using the Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 operating systems, 0.27% on a Palm, and 0.08% on a BlackBerry.”

So keep e-mailing, but remember, they’re checking it in their jammies in the morning or at night, make sure your e-mail is formatted correctly, short and to the point, and simple to read on a small screen!

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